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Preschool Routines

Routines for a Successful Start to Preschool

To help all our children feel more secure and more confident in their self-help skills, could you please follow the following procedures each day your child attends preschool.

  • LABEL, LABEL, LABEL everything! Drink Bottle, Lunchbox, and clothing. Having your child's name clearly printed on all of their belongings assists staff in identifying possessions and lessens lost property.
  • There is a blue container on the lockers. Please put in any perishable items. These items will then be placed in the refrigerator.
  • Provide a change of clothes in your child's bag. These clothes are for small toileting accidents, water play and getting dirty during outside play.


Morning Drop-off Routines

  • As soon as you enter our Preschool at or after 9:00am, it is very important that you sign and record the time next to your child's name, in the Arrival and Departure Register which is located in the foyer. Once signed in, bring your child into the Preschool play area where you will be greeted by one of our educators.


  • If you have a different contact number for the day, or someone different is collecting your child, please notify our educators on arrival. On enrolment, you will be asked to provide written details of all ‘authorised' adults who you give permission to drop off and collect your child.  Only their parent or one of these authorized collectors can take your child from preschool.


  • Each child is allocated their own locker. On arrival, help your child put their bag into their locker and take them to the bathroom to wash their hands. If we are starting the day outside, make sure your child has their hat on and assist them to apply sunscreen – located in the classroom.


Afternoon Pick-up Routines

  • When collecting your child, you must again sign and record the time in the Arrival and Departure Register. All children must be collected by 3:00pm as stated in our license. If you have children who attend the main school, please pick up your child from Preschool before you collect your other child/ren.


  • If you unexpectedly require someone not on your list of authorised adults to collect your child, please call the school before 3:00pm to inform us – 9607 8202. The person's name will be recorded in the Arrival and Departure Register and the person will be required to show photo ID (e.g. driver's licence) when collecting your child. Please note we will not allow your child to leave the premises without confirming the person's identity.